3D Bungalow Design


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3D VisualFx visualization provides you Bungalow plans 3d with elevation designing services for your dream house with photo realistic renderings. Bungalow 3D views always considered with the client’s requirements. Whether it is Farmhouse, Villa, Bungalow, Row Houses, Twin bungalow, 1 bhk 2 bhk or 4 bhk bungalow house. Our client’s testimony says that we’ve attained heights for all kinds of subjects like ultra-modern, modern,  contemporary, Indian traditional, Rajasthani, Roman, Roofing / Sloping, Palatial, European, etc. 3D VisualFx is always concentrated on making our clients successful with a wow consider for every project with their best bungalow elevation design and architectural 3D rendering services.

Bungalow 3D design or visualization helps you to visualize your dream home before it’s actually built on site which successively saves lots of time, money and provides you the choice to alter, edit, enhance unwanted areas and its aesthetics.

We provides many types of 3d views according to the client requirements like 3D Day View,  Evening View, Night view, 3D Bird Eye / Aerial view, Eye level view.

3D day views assist you to visualize your home, like all the technical aspects like front and side elevation, texture, lighting, color, material details, and more. It helps in development work to focus on little details before investing money on construction. It makes simple for the customer to allocate the correct resources within the right way.

The 3D night views or Evening view add an excellent atmosphere to the project with the help of interior artificial lights & landscape natural lights. These are the proper complement to the whole picture of the living space. At night 3d views, the aesthetic feel of the building looks even more beautiful, when it’s illuminated with the appropriate lighting points.

The eye level 3d warm view helps to visualize your project from the human eye level to the highest with minute details that may not be seen through the eye level view.

The 3D Birds Eye / Aerial view is from a high elevation that helps you see an outsized area around your project which may be a township or a private bungalow. It reveals a broad and detailed view of the exterior of architectural design, including wall reflections, landscapes, colors, textures and peripheral details of the effect of exterior artificial and natural light.

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Whether it’s about Residential Buildings, Mega Township, Green Buildings or Industrial Buildings, High Rise Apartments, Apartments, Shopping and Commercial Space, Government Projects, Smart City Projects, our bungalow 3d view architectural renderings provide the right deal to your expectations. Our professional team always works with a commitment to quality solutions for our customers.

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The 3D Bungalow interior view gives you a transparent idea of what the interior of your dream are going to be like when it’s done. With Bungalow 3D interior views, you’ll avoid costly mistakes which will increase the worth of your home. this may assist you spend money more efficiently. These ideas can tell you if something is correct or wrong with space.


The 3D cut section shows a perfect bedroom & living area that’s fully furnished, fully colorful and realistic. Exact bungalow 3d floor plans provide a vibrant touch to the bungalow interiors of your design and assist you to image the main points of each & every corner of the villa’s interior.

The bungalow 3d floor plan provides a clear view of the interior layout of the furniture and its orientation. This helps customer to visualize about the interior layout of the project. This is mainly done for real estate builders or companies for their clients, so they can understand the interior layout and planning of the building with the help of brochures. This helps individual customers see their villa location properly.



  • Final CAD floor plans & Elevations
  • Section/level drawings cad layout
  • Furniture & Textures reference image
  • Existing Site photos if necessary


  • We will study the all project details received from you and send you price quotation within 24 hours.
  • Once you approved quotation by confirmation email and depositing 50% advance payment, we can start the project.
  • Client will mention his style, textures, color theme in the starting of the project.
  • Work progress will be updated to the client on every one two days intervals.
  • First 3D Renderings will be sent in 2-3 working days.
  • Project will be continue after getting feedback or comments from client side.
  • After sending feedback on renders, we will proceed for corrections or changes as per client inputs with 30% of balance amount.
  • All final renders in low resolution will be provided to the client with the 3D VisualFx watermark.
  • After the approval of the Final low resolution views and with 20% balance amount, we will proceed for high resolution renders and send in 2-3 days to the client.
  • We will send high resolution final renders by email to the client.
  • We will provide only soft copy of final renders. No print out will be provided by us to the client.
  • We will provide Final Renders approx. 2000-3000 px only. If any client want to print renders on hoarding or A2 or A1 size print then you have to mention initially.


We have answered many questions for your convenience

Q. Should I hire 3D VisualFx for designing my 3D Project ?

We offer the latest designing style with a mixture of easy to process, photo realistic quality output, deliver on time, lowest price, fast response, technically correct output and online technical support during execution.

Q. Do you provide us Free changes, if any and how long ?

Yes, we do some 2-3 times free minor changes. We took normally 2 days for changes but it is totally depend upon client feedback.

Q. What is the surity of high quality renders with timely delivery?

We have been working in this 3d rendering field for 16 years. Our previous work uploaded by our customers, testimonials and on our website is a reflection of our prompt services. We can give surity of high quality renders with timely delivery of the project.

Q. Do you visit actual site if necessary?

No, we do not visit site. We provide only 3d render images for Interior designer or architects. They can fulfill your requirement on actual site

Q. What is your basic price for 3D ?

Every project price depends upon the scope of work, project area, deadline and how many views requirement.

Q. What is your payment criteria?

We require 50% advance before starting the project and 30% after sending first rough renders. Last remaining 20% after sending Final renders in low resolution with watermark. Once we got full payment then we will send you final high resolution renders by email without watermark.

Q. How much time you will take to complete the project?

We normally takes 3-4 working days for one project, but all projects are different. After studying your project, we will update the exact time you need.